Hainan Chicken Rice

As requested…. We’ve created a video for those who have asked… Thanks for asking! HAINAN CHICKEN RICE Okay GetRealLive friends it’s time to revisit a Sohn family favorite dinner which is approved by family and guests and I’m pretty sure you will love it. Anyone I have made this meal for always asks about for the[…]

GetRealLive Friends Share ‘ChangetheAge’ Recipes

GetRealLive friends/listeners/fans/followers are on the move and some have really taken up the ‘ChangetheAge’ Challenge. We are excited about seeing and hearing about real change happening in people’s lives. Pam Johnstone from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada is one of our ‘ChangetheAge’ friends and she has just sent us a new chicken recipe that she is[…]

Susan’s Chicken Challenge

Okay everyone here you go…. GetRealLiveTV is happening and here is a little glimpse into some of the things you can expect. Scott gave me a challenge with his chicken. Apparently when he makes them they just don’t speak to him like mine do….. By speaking I mean thru the flavour and all the bits[…]