If you know me, you know that I love my food. One of my favourite places to eat and retreat to is Casa de Sohn. More than just phenomenally tasty food made with love, the genuine sense of family and community always leaves me feeling refreshed. Food for both the body and soul.

Barry Conrad



Dining at Casadesohn is an experience we love and look forward to. The food is always unique, fresh and beautifully prepared, but that’s not only what it’s all about. The house radiates love, warmth, friendship and there is always barrel loads of laughter. Stories are told, songs are sung and the meaning of life is often discussed and world problems solved. Can’t wait for out next visit.

Brett Robson



It’s always exciting at Casadesohn, where the words “to gather” are tattooed on their soul. The gathering of people and food makes for a beautiful recipe of eclectic delights. Casadesohn knows that if each mouthful does not tantalise your taste buds, or is nutritionally beneficial, then it’s just not worth eating. The food is digested with love and laughter, completing the Casadesohn style.

Bron Robson



Think cool crisp morning and the need for a quick warm snack. Cinnamon Butter delivers a warmth to your taste buds and comfort to the soul.  The morning grab of toast and spread just got a little more indulgent! Afternoon tea just became a special event and a late night snack a light delicious option. So versatile! Pancakes, Turkish bread, brioche, fruit bread. The options are only limited to your imagination! 

A staple for the pantry, a must for your soul! 

Nel Bateman



I have tried for years to master a lasagne recipe and always failed miserably. They’ve either been runny, or not enough to flavour.

This recipe is amazing! Nailed it my first time and it was absolutely delicious. I made the meat sauce myself not from a tin and it was super easy. I recommend this recipe to anyone who likes lasagne 🙂

Liz Wooley



I’m not lover of cooking although I enjoy eating and setting a table for friends and family..but I do have to say that after tasting one of Casa de Sohn’s creations. I decided to make it for my family and with great success and ease out came a dish of medium steak served on a sauce of mustard & mayo, side salad with a lemon, mustard mayo was demolished.

Suzie Crocker