Look What is Coming SOON

It’s been a while since we last posted but that doesn’t mean the kitchen hasn’t been busy. In fact, we’ve been so busy cooking for family and friends that we’ve decided to create a recipe book filled with all the goodness that comes out of the kitchen at #CasaDeSohn.

Some of the taste sensations you can expect to see in the book are things like Phil’s Viet Cajun Seafood Boil, The Best Chocolate Cake Ever, Seafood Chowder, Korean Chicken, The Easiest Asparagus Soup, The Grazing Platter, The Perfect Roast Duck, Crazy Mash Potatoes and more. These are just a few we’ve been playing around with.

So stay close and keep your fork, chopsticks and plate or bowl ready to be filled with all the goodness from The Table.


Much love,

From all of us at CasaDeSohn

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