Winter Stew



Winter StewNeeding a little something to take the winter chill away and to please any palate? Allow us to introduce our winter stew. Yes, it has been a crowd pleaser for both young and old (oh and Bentley, our dog, loves the leftovers). This stew is beyond easy and it is very more(ish) so relax and let the dish speak for itself whilst allowing you to show off your culinary skills.

Winter Beef Stew


Beef Cubed – I use Chuck or Casserole or even better go to your butcher and get the already cut pieces – tell the butcher you’re making a stew and they will sort you out! Now, depending on how many you are cooking for will determine how much you need. I usually make for 8 so I would suggest at least 2 kilos.

Beef Stock – 4 cups/1 litre

Onions – have fun with your onions. Use 1 brown (chopped) and then add either pearl or shallots whole to increase the flavour. Throw in at least 3-4.

Garlic – It’s winter so be generous. Chase the flu bugs away with this perfect bulb. Smash and chop 2-3 and then add 3 whole cloves

Potatoes – Wash and quarter. I like using white potatoes but I’m not precious. I also like my potatoes to look like potatoes so I choose not to chop them to small

Carrots – 4

Celery – 2-3 stalks (preferably with leaves)

Frozen Corn & Peas

Flour + Dry Mustard (if you have) + Worcestershire + Coconut Oil + A splash of Red Wine + Salt & Pepper to taste



Chop your brown onion & garlic and saut√© in 1-2 tbsps of Coconut Oil. Add your cubed beef and brown on a high heat. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. You want you meat & onions to absorb the salt, Once the beef is browned and the onions are softened add 3 tbsps of flour to coat your beef plus 1-2 tsp of dry mustard (if you have). This will turn the beef and onions rather grainy and a quite dry. You will wonder if you’ve made a mistake, don’t worry, this is exactly how we want it. Now add your beef stock (all of it). Stir and make sure you get anything that was stuck to the bottom of the pan off. You want this flavour to invade. Once you have this to a rolling boil add you potatoes and allow these ingredients some ‘getting acquainted’ time. Cover and let them simmer away for approx 20mins.

Now add your carrots (I like mine roughly chopped giving enough to dig a fork into) your additional pearl or shallots, celery and corn. You can also add your Worcestershire Sauce and a splash of red wine with a sip for yourself if it’s beyond 5pm :). Stir and make sure nothing is sticking to the base of the pan. Have a taste and if you need to add more Salt & Pepper please do so. Cover and let it simmer away making sure all your veggies are cooking and your meat is becoming more tender by the minute. In the last 10minutes of cooking I suggest you add your frozen peas. I don’t like to add these to early as they can get mushy and it’s just a preference of mine that I choose to wait on. In saying that, adding them earlier if it’s easier for you is totally fine.

If your stew has not thickened during the cooking process to your liking then by all means, add some more flour. Do this little by little as you don’t want it to thicken too much on you. Keep tasting and making sure the flavours are pleasing your palate. Always remember that each bite builds on the latter. Additionally, when cooking stove top I let my meat tell me when it’s done. This stew can be rushed and cooked in 1 hour or it can be brought along throughout the day lending itself to beautiful tender pieces that will melt in your mouth. It is a recipe that adapts well to your schedule.

Recipe Adaptations:

Use Lamb if you’d like | Add Pumpkin or other Veggies that you love | Use the slow cooker but make sure you brown your meat in a pan first as the slow cooker won’t do that for you | Use a pressure cooker | Swap the Beef for Chicken and the broth for Chicken Broth and add Mushrooms

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